The Meditation Centre is a welcoming place for you to find calm and clarity.  It was founded in 1999 and established as a charity in 2002.  The charitable objective of the charity is:

To further education by teaching the understanding and experience of meditational practices.  To preserve and protect health by using meditation as a way of promoting healing and relieving stress.

As a charity The Centre has a Board of Trustees, a Director, Teachers and a Management Team.  There is also a group of Friends who support the charity’s aims and objectives.

The practices taught and experienced at the Meditation Centre are age-old and universal and suitable for those of any faith, belief or lifestyle.

We run courses, retreats, teacher training and special events. The Centre is also available for hire.

Every day we also welcome people of all faiths and beliefs who want to use the Centre for their own practice. We open from morning until early evening each day of the year for people to pop in and enjoy the facilities – unless a course is being run. If you would like to use the Centre for your own meditation practice, we would be grateful if you could help us to keep open by leaving a donation.


There is no need for any change in lifestyle, diet or belief. All the benefits come from setting aside 15-20 minutes a day and meditation is a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Meditation involves the use of simple techniques that allow a profound state of rest to be achieved and deep-rooted tension to be dissolved – it works whether you believe in it or not.

No. Meditation can be practised kneeling or sitting comfortably in a chair . . . or sitting cross-legged.

Some people experience benefits within days and for others they emerge more gradually. Often the benefits come where you least expect them.

Not at all – people from all sorts of different faiths and beliefs learn meditation at the Centre – it is a place of neutrality so there is no conflict.

We have delicious coffee, biscuits and herbal/fruit teas at the Meditation Centre and everyone has the refreshment they want. However it’s better to meditate before meals rather than after.

General outside noise need not affect meditation, however a sudden disturbance may shock you as the mind and body become very still. People meditate in all sorts of places – on buses, trains, in cars and waiting rooms . . . anywhere you can sit down. It is nice to have – but not absolutely necessary to create – a special place.

A relaxed, informal and interactive day or weekend spent with like-minded people.

Open your eyes and look at your watch. If it’s not time, close your eyes and continue with the practice. During meditation the mind is awake even though the body is in a deep state of rest.

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