The Meditation Centre offers a range of meditation for beginners as well as those who already meditate. All the courses are designed to deepen both the experience and understanding of meditation as well as reveal its vast, limitless potential.

Meditation Courses and Retreats

Learn To Meditate

Course Facilitator: Annette Ainsworth Brooke
Suitable for Absolute Beginners: Anyone can learn how to meditate during this one-day course set in the tranquil surroundings of The Meditation Centre. If you are searching for a secular technique to help de-stress, relax, improve concentration and enjoy more from life, then this is the course for you. Join the Centre’s Director Annette Ainsworth Brooke to learn a classical meditation practice which can help you attain calm, develop concentration and cultivate happiness. This relaxing day is suitable for beginners or experienced meditators from other traditions. During the day you will learn about the benefits of Meditation, the process of the release of stress and how Meditation can transform your life. Leave the centre with a simple but powerful Meditation technique which you can easily embrace into busy daily life. A magical day in a beautiful, serene setting. The course fee of £55 also includes a FREE refresher day at the Centre.

* The Centre is currently offering FREE places on this course for people who are carers on a first-come, first-served basis. Please telephone or email for more information.

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”Our Age UK group had a lovely day out with Annette at the Dent Meditation Centre. She is a very empathetic and lucid teacher, gently connecting with everyone and taking us step-by-step through the beginners’ meditation. It was always a two-way process and never just a teacher handing down instructions – just what we wanted for those with a new interest in the subject. We enjoyed various types of meditations and came away refreshed in mind and body. Thank you Annette.

Richard Daniels (Day Activities Organiser with Age UK North Craven)

”I’ve always been drawn to meditation and have attended sessions or read books about it. However being properly trained by Annette has made an enormous difference to my understanding. Meditation has been a transforming influence.

Darrin, IT Project Manager, Leeds

Silent Retreat Day

Course Facilitator: Annette Ainsworth Brooke

Looking for stillness and space along with time to relax and reflect? This day is offered to anyone who wants to escape the madness and mayhem of mobile phone ringtones, emails, 24-hour television and relentless social media to spend a day of quiet relaxation, reflection and renewal within beautiful, safe surroundings. The tranquility and calm of The Meditation Centre will help you to fully let go of stress and enjoy a day of stillness and reflection facilitated by one of the Centre’s teachers. We start by posing a question to frame the day and then participants are invited to join in a Tibetan Gong Meditation and later enjoy a short walk in silence through the village to the river where a short meditation and simple purification ceremony is held. Inspiring books and magazines are available to read in the Centre alongside materials to draw or write plus cushions, chairs and candles for meditation For anyone wanting gentle exercise – yoga mats are set out and participants also have full use of the Centre’s kitchen and gardens. The day is loosely scheduled to offer participants the time and space to reflect in their own way and at their own pace. Please bring a packed lunch.

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Mindful Yoga and Meditation Days:

Course Facilitator: Lisa Milnor

Calmness, Clarity and Compassion

Many of us seek the benefits that Mindful Yoga and Meditation offer – a greater sense of calm and ease amidst the busyness of life, the clarity to step back and respond more skilfully to the physical, emotional and mental challenges that life offers us and the cultivation of kindness towards ourselves and others that manifests as global happiness and wellbeing. Through these practices we learn how to support our own physical, emotional and mental wellbeing by mindfully connecting to the body, breath, emotions and the world we inhabit.  Join us and take time out for yourself to explore how Mindful Yoga and Meditation can benefit your overall health and wellbeing. Suitable for all each of these days will include some gentle and restorative yoga asana postures/movement, simple breathing practices, yoga nidra and meditation bound together with teachings from the ancient practices of yoga and mindfulness

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TRE ® Yoga and Meditation Workshops

Course Facilitator: Lisa Milnor

Release, Rebalance, Renew with TRE®, Yoga and Meditation

TRE® is a self-help practice that wakes up the body and in doing so helps us wake up to this life – in all its fullness! Join us for a day of self-care as we mindfully explore how TRE®, Yoga and meditation can help release stress and invite a sense of inner calm and peace. Through a series of simple yoga postures we will invite the body to release deeply held tension to allow a rebalancing that opens us up more freely to renewal and growth in the body, mind and heart. We will cultivate being in a wiser relationship to ourselves, learning how to stay grounded and self-regulate so that we are more able to release physical, mental and emotional tension in a gentle and supported way. TRE® (Tension, Stress & Trauma Release Exercise) is a series of exercises practiced mindfully to assist the body in releasing deep muscular patterns of stress, tension and trauma and was created by Dr. David Berceli, PhD. The practice safely activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases muscular tension, calming down the nervous system. It generally feels pleasant and soothing. Once learned, the practices can be used as needed to support your own physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. The day will be suitable for most people and you will be required to complete a health questionnaire before the day where you will be informed if the practice of TRE is not appropriate for you at this time. Meditation practices will be an integral part of the day to support grounding, to invite a sense of wakefulness to our experience as it unfolds and to cultivate kindness towards ourselves.

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Group Meditations

Once a month we hold a drop-in Group Meditation at the Centre to which everyone is invited. These are lovely mornings where you get the chance to gather together with like-minded people to enjoy a Tibetan Gong Meditation with some gentle exercise, affirmations, chanting and a good old-fashioned natter!

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Creating Flow with QiGong – four workshops

Course Facilitator: Tony Bennett

The river FLOWs without hindrance or interruption on its journey from its source, rain, to its ‘home’, the sea. This is normal for a river. So too, can we learn to FLOW through life as we negotiate blocks and challenges along the way. This will bring us back to our original state, our true selves. The river practices stillness AND movement. So can we. To do so, we have to respect and understand the stage we are at in our evolution and how to manage ourselves. The four workshops offered through the course of 2017 will lead to a deeper understanding of principles that can lead to feeling more comfortable in ourselves, a sense of FLOW, using understanding and practical techniques.
Coming on the workshops, at the end of 2017, you will have:
1 A better understanding of and how to deal with your emotions using simple meditative techniques, in stillness and movement: you will find it can help you to know where your emotions come from and how and why they affect you in the way they do. This improves emotional FLOW.
2 An appreciation of the value and significance of alignment of the joints in our bodies and the release of tension when standing up, sitting down, standing still and moving, where we at the same time relax and strengthen upper body core. This improves physical FLOW.
3 An appreciation of the benefits to managing our physical and emotional selves on our ability to solve problems that confront us, to increase mental FLOW.
4 Ideas of how to put this new way of BEING into practice in your private, community and working life so as to improve relationships (with yourself and others) and personal fulfilment.
Cost: £40 per one-day course. £70 to book two sessions in advance, £110 to book three sessions in advance and £140 to book all four sessions in advance. A 10% deposit is required to secure a place

See Course Calendar for dates and contact us to book

Opening to Potential – Creative Meditations with Live Music

Course Facilitators: Julie and Jack Darling

A day to open to the creative potential within you, and see how to harness this power and originality in all areas of your life. This day is for anyone seeking to realise their creative potential in their approach to work, money, and relationships, as well as those excited by the unique inspirational possibilities of working creatively to live music, with poetry, artwork, music, song, movement etc. Embark on your own personal journey to the very source of inspiration and creative power inside you. Meditate to the powerful sounds of Celtic harp and classical guitar, and allow the vibrations of live music to open your heart and free the extraordinary creative energy at the core of your being.

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Mindfulness: Courses and Retreats

Mindful Body Sense and Movement Workshop

Course Facilitator: Helen Towers

A chance to re-balance and make some space with this guided half-day workshop. Exploring being mindfully present through developing awareness with mindful conscious breathing and sound meditation, cultivating a space to rest and settle the busy mind. A chance to explore, notice and re balance our posture, and improve our energy flow with body and sense awareness practices and gentle flowing mindful movement sequences. Some outside practices if weather permits, please wear warm and comfortable layers. Open to everyone. No experience necessary.

See Course Calendar for dates and contact us to book

Self-kindness and Compassionate Acceptance Workshop

Course Facilitator: Helen Towers

A gentle day of mindful kindness to ourselves and some well-earned down-time.  Exploring Kindness and Compassion meditation practices based on the Buddhist practice of ‘Metta’ – loving kindness and compassion towards our self and others. The day will include some reflection, self-enquiry, and observing of our natural habits of mind. We will explore if our patterns are helpful or unhelpful to our general health and well-being, and introduce positive affirmations and mindful meditation practices to promote a sense of self kindness and compassionate acceptance in our daily life.  Course open to everyone no experience necessary.

See Course Calendar for dates and contact us to book

Settling, Grounding, Resting and Being Workshop

Course Facilitator: Helen Towers

Making a space to settle and free up our busy mind, through practicing general body and sense awareness and exploring guided supporting meditations of breath and sound. A day course to give ourselves a well earned rest from striving and doing. Being kind to ourselves in taking some time out without deadlines, releasing overthinking and letting go of any worries, offering us a lovely chance to cultivate being present and to nourish and support our general sense of wellbeing. Suitable for everyone according to individual capacity – some gentle floor work is invited and mindful stretching movements, if appropriate for you – participants are invited to wear loose comfortable layered clothing

See Course Calendar for dates and contact us to book

Mindfulness Silent Retreat Day

Course Facilitator: Lisa Milnor

This is a wonderful opportunity to leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily life and set aside some time to relax, refresh and rejuvenate, to deepen your meditation practice and to strengthen skills already learnt. This retreat is designed primarily to support participants who have completed or who are currently completing an 8 week Mindfulness Course and it is also suitable for those with an established meditation practice. This event is not recommended for beginners, as much of the day is spent in silent meditation. There will be a variety of mindfulness meditational practices throughout the day and will involve sitting, lying down, standing, walking and movement. These will be guided by the facilitator but for the most part the day will be in silence. The retreat facilitator will be available during the lunch break should anyone feel they would like to discuss anything about their practice and of course at other times should the need arise.

The suggested donation is £40 reduced to £25 for those that are on the 4 day Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing course.

See Course Calendar for dates and contact us to book

Weekly Classes

CHAIR YOGA – Thursdays 11.45am

No age limit. Movements and teaching methods will be adapted for disabilities. Alleviate general stiffness, improve co-ordination, balance, strength and mobility. Drinks and snacks are available after class. It is a great opportunity to meet up with other people in the area. Classes cost £5 per class or £25 for a block of six classes paid in advance.

HATHA YOGA – Thursdays 5.15pm to 6.45pm

A general level class where movements and postures will be adapted to suit the students’ abilities. Each weekly class will focus on a different posture or element of yoga. Classes cost £7 or £35 for six classes paid in advance.

ACTIVE YOGA – Thursdays 7pm to 8.30pm

A stronger class, based on ashtanga, suitable for those with a reasonable level of fitness. Each weekly class will focus on a different element of the practice. Classes cost £7 or £35 for six classes paid in advance.

GENTLE YOGA – Mondays 6pm to 7pm

A general level class where movements and postures will be adapted to suit the students’ abilities. Each weekly class will focus on a different posture or element of yoga. Classes cost £7 or £35 for six classes paid in advance.

Special Events

Rainbow Chakra Gong Sound Bath

Come and relax to the healing sounds of magical gongs, Tibetan & pure crystal singing bowls, bells and chimes. From the exquisite sacred sounds of tibetan and pure crystal singing bowls, balancing your energy centres, body mind spirit, we move to the wonderful multi-coloured sound frequencies of the gongs in this deeply relaxing sound journey. You will leave on winged heels, tingling with enhanced life force energy and tuned up in body, mind and spirit, beautifully chilled out. This is a return visit by request from sound sorceress and gongmaster Kath Reade www.deepsong.org. Kath Reade is a trained sound healer/Gongmaster, Reiki Master, singer and teacher based in Hebden Bridge with an ever growing following. No experience needed. Please contact Kath via her website to book. Entrance £15.

Thank you, much appreciated. Gorgeous, restful, cleansing, healing, magical and beautiful experience as always’. – Rachel Geldard.

Listening to the Wisdom of Our Bodies – workshop

In this two-hour workshop you can learn simple ancient and modern healing pratices that will empower you to live with greater wellbeing and peace in daily life, practices you can share with family and friends:  * Enjoy gentle Tai Chi movements * Let go of stress with simple hand holds * Grow in confidence using the Emotional Freedom Technique * Learn wellness with acupressure. These enjoyable practices, done to music and in a quiet space, are easy to learn, simple yet profound and are literally at our finger tips to promote wellbeing for ourselves and others. The workshop is led by Denise Treissman, who has been teaching “Wellness Workshops” around the country. Denise qualified to teach Wellness Capacitar practices with founder Dr Patricia Cane: www.capacitar.org Denise offers training on a one to one, small or large group basis. She has worked with Red Cross and Cruse volunteers and runs a regular group in Norwich, Norfolk

Transformation Through the Wisdom of Julian – workshop

This workshop offers you space and time to unwind and slow down, whether you have heard of Lady Julian of Norwich or not. Led by Denise Treissman you will have time to absorb Julian’s wisdom, reflect and share, enjoy a guided meditation, mindfulness practice, gentle movement and peaceful music with Julian’s quotes to take home
You are invited to experience quiet time inspired by the writing of this fourteenth century mystic whose words, “All shall be well and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well” are as relevant today as they were then. Her treasure brings hope, wisdom and encouragement. Books about Julian and hand made screen prints of her words will be on sale to brighten the spiritual journey. See www.lightforthejourney.org.uk. Denise Treissman has been running workshops inspired by the teachings of Julian of Norwich around the country for over twelve years. She is Literary Executor for the late Robert Llewelyn who was Chaplain of the Shrine of Julian of Norwich for many years. His books, talks and articles helped to bring Julian to prominence.

Solstice Celebrations

Come and join us to celebrate these magical natural turning points of the year which have been marked for centuries the world over.  In the Summer we throw open the doors to enjoy The Meditation Centre’s unique setting in the heart of Nature and celebrate the Summer Season with joyful meditations, music and merriment.  In the Winter, we light the candles and huddle round an indoor camp-fire to share starry stories, music and meditation.  Both dates offer us a sacred secular space in the Calendar and in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales for special stillness and reflection. We would love you to join us….

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