A Welcoming Place for you to find Calm and Clarity

The Meditation Centre was founded in 1999 and established as a charity in 2002. The charitable objective of the charity is:

To further education by teaching the understanding and experience of meditational practices. To preserve and protect health by using meditation as a way of promoting healing and relieving stress.

Our vision is two-fold:

Firstly we aim to be a Centre of Excellence in the teaching of meditation and training of meditation teachers within the UK.
Secondly we aim to actively raise awareness and celebrate that meditation is a universal tool which brings us to a deeper understanding of the natural rhythms and cycles of our own lives and that of the planet on which we live.
This vision is based on our belief that a universal meditation practice and relationship with the natural world together foster a deeper understanding of the inter-connectedness of all things leading to better health, well-being and overall living in harmony…

This vision has produced The Meditation Centre’s Mission Statement:

The Meditation Centre is a safe place of peace and spiritual nourishment which enables hearts to open. The Centre’s teachers offer universal secular meditation practices which foster a deeper understanding of natural cycles and rhythms, and the inter-connectedness of all things. This understanding leads to better health, wellbeing and overall living in harmony. The Centre is dedicated to all those who seek to be the change they want to see in the world…

As a charity The Centre has a Board of Trustees, a Director, Teachers and a Management Team. There is also a group of Friends who support the charity’s aims and objectives.
The practices taught and experienced at the Meditation Centre are age-old and universal and suitable for those of any faith, belief or lifestyle.

We run courses, retreats, teacher training and special events. The Centre is also available for hire.

Every day we also welcome people of all faiths and beliefs who want to use the Centre for their own practice. We open from morning until early evening each day of the year for people to pop in and enjoy the facilities – unless a course is being run. If you would like to use the Centre for your own meditation practice, we would be grateful if you could help us to keep open by leaving a donation.

Our History:

The Centre began in 1998 with the renovation of a Sunday schoolroom in the village of Dent.

With the encouragement of the United Reformed Church who then owned the building, funds were raised to refurbish the Sunday school room so that it could be used for teaching meditation and the Centre became a registered charity. The trustees took responsibility for holding the vision of the Centre as being a place that was open to all for quiet reflection or meditation. However, only two years later, the URC decided to sell the chapel along with the school room as they could not afford the radical building repairs that were needed at the time. This meant that the Meditation Centre would also close unless sufficient funds were found to buy it.

An appeal was launched, fundraising events were held, and money was raised with the help of generous supporters. As the chapel needed complete renovation and refurbishment, application was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund for help. They were intrigued by the project of turning a former chapel into a Meditation Centre and as it was a heritage site, a grant was offered. During 2003 the former chapel was renovated and transformed into the place it is today.

And so the Meditation Centre came into being. Its foundation rests in history. It embodies an age-old wisdom that has been passed down through the generations and it is this heritage that inspires and sustains the teaching. It is a place where each person is able to become who they truly aspire to be.

An experienced Management Team runs the Centre accountable to the Board of Trustees.

If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to get in touch.

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