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Bel Charlesworth

8th January 2019
Meditation teacher Bel Charlesworth

About Bel

Bel Charlesworth has worked in the natural health field since qualifying as a Medical Herbalist in 2003. She has worked with both students and clients to improve all aspects of their wellbeing. This includes prescribing herbal medicines, lifestyle and nutritional advice, and also yoga and meditation as a Yoga Therapist.

Her first real motivation to meditate regularly came while on a Yoga retreat in India. Bel loved the physical asana work but was still struggling somewhat with the stillness of Meditation. On the final day, Bel therefore asked her Yoga Master for 3 key yoga practices she could take home to help with her own stress levels. To this, his slightly frustrating answer at the time was: Meditation, Meditation and Meditation!


Six years of intensive yoga training and self-study followed, culminating in a two-year Diploma in Yoga Therapy. Bel is a qualified Dru Yoga teacher as well as Vinyasa flow (200RYT). She has further training in Yin Yoga, Backcare, Yoga for Kids and with the Teen Yoga Foundation. She is also a graduate of the Dent Meditation Teaching Training Programme. Bel fell in love with the Centre during this time and it is now a privilege to be able to serve as its Director.


Bel has a passion for teaching and the outdoors. It is therefore a delight to be able to combine these offerings at the Meditation Centre. She loves introducing others to the power and healing potential of Nature and also helping them to find the Joy and Stillness that resides within. Bel leads many of our Learn to Meditate days along with our Teacher Training Programme, plus Herb,Yoga and Meditation days and other special events and retreats throughout the year.

Bel has been a Member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists since 2003. She is also the Senior Herbal Advisor for Twinings as well as a learning tutor at RHS Harlow Carr in Harrogate.

Find out more about Bel Charlesworth at her website:

Tony Bennett

8th January 2019

Having started his career as a Professional Town Planner in London, Tony later, of necessity came upon TCM, incorporating Tai Chi and Qigong. He was searching for ways to help himself deal with a chronic health condition. He has now been teaching Tai Chi Qigong and Stress Management, initially through Adult Learning for North Yorkshire County Council, and then privately, for over 20 years. He also worked until recently for Growing with Grace, an organic farm, and learnt the link between health in the soil and health in human beings. Tony is a registered instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain and has a Diploma in Stress Management Training. He has trained in counselling skills and is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner. He has an understanding of and deep appreciation of the Human Givens approach to Mental and Emotional Health.
Tony’s purpose in teaching is to introduce people to the benefits of deep relaxation and more considered energy use through stillness and movement. His approach is to empower people, encouraging them to adopt new ways of thinking and living their lives as they put this learning into practice.

Diane Fairhurst-Kirk

20th January 2021
Diane Fairhurst Meditation teacher

Diane lives in Garsdale on the border of Cumbria and North Yorkshire. She has a keen interest in the natural world and feels spiritually inspired and guided by it. Having been involved with The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers ) for many years, she came to know the deep spiritual connection and healing that being in silence can facilitate. This led to a natural interest in and desire to share the benefits of meditation practice with others and Diane graduated as a meditation teacher in 2019.  Having a background in creative arts, design and visual display and a keen interest in personal growth, Diane explores accessing creativity through meditation practice in her work and is a key facilitator for this on various courses at The Meditation Centre.

Diane enjoys making art, creative journalling and walking in nature with her two rescued Korean Jindo dogs. She is a qualified Reiki practitioner and has developed keen interest in walking the Earth path and Shamanic journeying. Diane’s mission is “To guide and inspire others to empower themselves”.

As well as teaching at the Centre, Diane also offers other Meditation and Reiki healing courses and sessions locally and online. For more info, you are welcome to visit her website here:


Jacqueline Payton

21st February 2022

Jacqui graduated from our Teacher Training course in 2017 further to training as a Yoga teacher.  She lives and teaches in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire where she runs yoga and wellbeing studio Cocoon. She says: ‘I am a Cornish lass at heart but have lived in Yorkshire for over 30 years. I moved here after college to teach in a tough inner Sheffield primary school, where I stayed for 25 years. Now I am a Yoga teacher and an Aromatherapist, working in a small holistic well-being oasis in Holmfirth called ‘Cocoon’. We see our role at Cocoon as helping people to make positive changes in their lives, to become the people they were always meant to be, uncovering their true inner Self.

My Meditation Teacher Training at the Dent Meditation Centre provided the perfect complement to the other treasures we offer our clients, and of course, I’m looking forward to teaching at The Meditation Centre in Dent too. I look forward to seeing you there one day.’