Living in Harmony Programme

The Centre’s teachers offer universal secular meditation practices which foster a deeper understanding of natural cycles and rhythms, and the inter-connectedness of all things. This understanding leads to better health, wellbeing and overall living in harmony… (from the Centre’s Mission Statement)

Living in Harmony Programme

Living in Harmony – Seasons

Come and tune into the seasons with us through meditation and movement; sound and stillness; astrology and art! The Meditation Centre is situated in the heart of Nature and each year we organise four special seasonal workshops in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  The Living in Harmony programme of four workshops help us re-connect with the rhythms of the natural world and our own natural state of being. We will be connecting with Nature, exploring Creativity and diving deep into Stillness to powerfully reflect on our needs and aspirations for this coming year.  The workshops will include:

* Powerful meditations to help you with intention setting
* Somatic Dance
* Creative Art
* Yoga
* Chanting
* Poetry

During this time of a global pandemic, we are moving our workshops online and do hope you will join us! The themes of the celebrations are:

Spring: Awaken Your Joy! 

Summer: Source Your Power and Purpose 

Autumn: Restore Your Balance

Winter: Embrace the Dark

The programme costs £200 for all four workshops or £65 a day.

See Course Calendar for dates and contact us to book