Seasonal Celebrations

The Meditation Centre offers a range of meditation for beginners as well as those who already meditate. All the courses are designed to deepen both the experience and understanding of meditation as well as reveal its vast, limitless potential.

Seasonal Celebrations

Seasonal Celebrations

Come and celebrate the seasonal changes with us by tuning into these special turning points of the year through meditation and movement; sound and stillness. The Meditation Centre is situated in the heart of Nature and each year we organise four special seasonal celebrations of the Spring and Autumn Equinox; and the Summer and Winter Solstice.  The three-day celebrations help us re-connect with the rhythms of the natural world and our own natural state of being. The weekends include a Herb, Yoga and Meditation Day; a New Moon Yoga, Mantra and Meditation Morning; plus a day of QiGong and Movement. Choose from coming along to just a half day; one day; a weekend, or all three days and immerse yourself in the four themes which reflect these special times of the year… and our own lives…

March: How to Stay Balanced at the Spring Equinox 

June: Source Your Power and Purpose at the Summer Solstice

September: Embracing Change and Transformation at the Autumn Equinox

December: Rest and Reflection at the Winter Solstice

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Seasonal Herb, Yoga and Meditation Days

Course facilitator: Bel Charlesworth

Join herbalist and yoga teacher Bel Charlesworth through the seasons for a full day of herbal wisdom and loveliness combined with movement and meditation to restore and enliven your body and mind. Each day focuses on a different theme and can be enjoyed as a single day or alongside the other Herb, Yoga and Meditation days on offer. Each day will include a herb walk and outdoor meditation as well as a Medicinal Herb tutorial and herbal tea tastings plus morning and afternoon yoga sessions suitable for all with meditation and guided relaxation.

Friday March 21: Staying Balanced at the Spring Equinox.  How to harness the new season’s energy with clarity, focus and vitality.

Friday June 19: Sourcing Your Power and Purpose at the Summer Solstice.  How to connect with the very best in you and shine with radiance in the world.

Friday September 18: Embracing Change and Transformation at the Autumn Equinox.  How to let go to create space and replenish, connect with your inner strength and stillness in preparation for a new cycle of life ahead.

All days: 10am-5pm.

Cost £55 per person.

Bel is an experienced herbalist, nutrition and wellbeing practitioner as well as the Health and Wellbeing tutor at RHS Harlow Carr, Harrogate.

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Seasonal New Moon Yoga, Mantra and Meditation Mornings

Course facilitator: Yoga Teacher

A sumptuous yoga flow to honour the New Moon and the changing seasons with mantras and meditations to help set intentions at these special transitional times… No experience of yoga or meditation necessary.

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Qigong and the Seasons – Four Masterclasses

Course Facilitator: Tony Bennett

As part of the four Living In Harmony weekends organised by the Centre to celebrate seasonal transitions, Centre teacher Tony Bennett is offering three special workshops which can either be booked individually or as part of the Harmony weekend package.
Qigong is founded on the appreciation that Humans are of Nature. Qigong practice was derived from a detailed observation of Nature and subsequently through experience of reflecting Nature in practice. Qigong therefore uses Natural forces such as gravity, magnetic attraction and detraction, and centrifugal force. It recognises the role of light, colour and sound – their vibrational qualities and effects. It recognises, respects and uses the influence of Weather we experience and the Seasons as the year goes round – the rhythms of Nature. Just as these factors affect and inform the growth of plants and animals, for example, and the rhythms of their lives, so too, it is recognised in Qigong that these often subtle forces also affect Humans. The practice of Qigong, therefore, grounds Humans in Nature and thereby affects well-being in all its aspects: physical, emotional and mental. Humans experience many different emotions. It is, arguably, Natural to be calm most of the time, to be relaxed in body and mind, to be able to move with ease and grace, to be able to face life without fear. However, the development of the human brain has led to many emotional challenges for us. But, Qigong is a training that takes Humans back to their Natural state.
The three one-day Workshops in 2020 will explore the energies of the seasons: Spring, Summer and Autumn. We will look at the effect of the seasons on our body functions, and we will learn and put into practice movements, meditations and sounds that will serve to connect us to the Seasons and manage our emotional state to bring balance to our body/mind systems.

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