Living in Harmony Programme

The Centre’s teachers offer universal secular meditation practices which foster a deeper understanding of natural cycles and rhythms, and the inter-connectedness of all things. This understanding leads to better health, wellbeing and overall living in harmony… (from the Centre’s Mission Statement)

Living in Harmony Programme

Living in Harmony – Seasonal Workshops

Come and tune into the seasons with us! The Meditation Centre is situated in the heart of Nature and each year we organise four special weekend workshops in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  The Living in Harmony programme helps us re-connect with the rhythms of the natural world and our own natural state of being. We will be connecting with Nature, exploring Creativity and diving deep into Stillness to powerfully reflect on our needs and aspirations for this coming year.

During this time of a global pandemic, we have moved our workshops online and do hope you will join us! The themes of the celebrations are:

Spring Equinox: Balance and Blossom

Our first day of this weekend includes meditation, movement and creativity designed to awaken your joy; enable your authentic self to emerge and find a sense of balance to take with you through the year.  There will also be a beautiful session of gentle, restorative yoga.

On the Sunday we will celebrate our soul, our life- force, and our bodies that are embraced by and held in this life-force. We will do this by learning and practicing Tai Chi Qigong. Practicing Tai Chi Qigong is a celebration of life: our connectedness with the Natural Environment in which we live and the meaning this has for us: the meaning that can be derived from Nature, of which we are an integral part, and the natural forces that infuse all life. At this time of the year, the Sun’s energy and light begins to increase which in turn triggers growth and creativity. The theme for the Spring Equinox is very apt for our time. It is potential/inspiration/birth, and HOPE.  Spring is a time of awakening to what the year has to offer, as light and warm energy increase as the days lengthen and Sun moves overhead. We witness how Nature responds in the emergence of green leaves on trees, and plants reaching up from the soil and birdsong. Tai Chi Qigong practice brings us into alignment with the Natural forces that are emerging.  This workshop will give us an opportunity to reflect on how we can connect and seek to attune ourselves to this time of year through theory and practice. It will be an opportunity to practice simple, but powerful meditations, movements and visualizations, so that we become more at one with the Natural world and our part in it.  The workshop is open to anybody who is interested in developing themselves using Tai Chi Qigong. No previous experience is necessary. All will be welcome.

Summer: Celebrate and Contemplate

At the summer solstice the hours of daylight are at their longest and the hours of darkness their shortest. Solstice means ‘sun stands still’. It is a time of abundance in nature, a time of strength, maturity and confidence. For us too, it can signal a coming to maturity for our plans made earlier in the year. The summer solstice is called Alban Hefin (light of summer) by the Druids. The sun is victorious at this time; at his zenith. Yet, within this power are the seeds of his waning, for the days from now on will gradually shorten and the hours of darkness lengthen. It is important, therefore, to savour this moment, to enjoy the abundance while acknowledging that this too will pass. We would like to invite you to join us in honouring the Summer Solstice by offering a workshop with Diane and Maggie. We call our workshops Experience and Express, as we offer the opportunity for participants to experience the stillness of meditation and the insights that can arise. Following this, participants are encouraged to express their creativity; tapping into any insights in whatever way feels appropriate. Allowing ourselves to be still and be open to whatever arises, can offer the opportunity to connect with our innate creativity. We may be fortunate to gain powerful inspiration from our meditation, having gone beyond the rational into the deep place of the unconscious; the place of dreams and symbols. Meditation can also enable us to connect with a power greater than ourselves, however we understand this. For some this is The Higher Self, for others The Divine, The Universe, God or Source.
Our workshops offer both guided meditations based on themes for that time of the year and silent meditations. Our work is rooted in a deep respect and reverence for the sacredness of the natural world and our place within it. We truly embrace nature and learn from and with her spirit. Join us on Sunday June 20th from 10am – 5.00pm, to Celebrate and Contemplate: to celebrate the wonderful light of summer, your own unique strengths and pause, gather together your blessings and contemplate new insights. We promise a rich and rewarding day, tuning into the energies of this special time of the year, offering the opportunity for space, stillness, joyful creative expression and sharing. As we continue to emerge from Lockdown, we will be hosting this workshop on line. We look forward to seeing you.

Autumn: Harvest and Honour

At this time of harvest, join us to honour your achievements, the wonderful gifts of nature and to offer gratitude and appreciation.

Winter: Reflect and Renew

At this special time of the year join us as we reflect on the seeds of our future, resting in earth, find stillness and look forward to the rebirth of light

The sessions cost £65 per day.

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