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The Meditation Teacher Training Course enables students to understand – and be qualified to teach – a variety of meditation techniques which they can then take into their own communities and/or workplace to set up meditation groups within secular environments. The course also enables current teachers of yoga/tai chi and other similar disciplines, to enhance their own skill-set. Offering considerable personal development opportunity, the teacher training takes six months to complete and is heavily focused on experiential learning and self-study both at home and during four long training weekends which will be held online in 2021 due to the on-going Covid 19 crisis.  The programme ends with a week-long intensive in the Autumn. The course differs from others currently being offered as it gives students the opportunity to learn about different philosophies and meditation techniques which are embraced at the Centre – spanning both Eastern and Western traditions. Students completing the course are granted Meditation Centre Associate Teacher status.

Please note: We are now accepting applications for our 2021 programme which will be delivered mostly online with the week-long intensive at the Centre next Autumn.  If you would like more information please contact us directly via email – meditationcentreteam@gmail.com or telephone 07582 017396

The following testimonials are from this year’s students who have completed the first four training weekends online:

I looked at various meditation teacher training courses before finally choosing the one at Dent – and I’m so glad that I did. The course is varied and interesting and spans over six months which gives good time to absorb the teachings and philosophies that underpin the course. Its unique aspect is its freedom for creativity which I found hugely enjoyable and rewarding. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is looking to deepen their experience of meditation.

Jennifer O’Shea, North Yorkshire

The Meditation Teacher Training course has been an amazing, awaking of opening my heart to the true benefits of meditation. The standard of the delivery of training has been excellent. I have embraced the full training and learned so much. Thank you.

Valerie Cortese, West Yorkshire

I feel so lucky to be doing the Meditation Teacher Training Course through the Meditation Centre, especially as the course was planned face-to-face but due to COVID-19 Annette and Andy have had to adapt this to run on Zoom Online so it can still go ahead in the timelines. You can see from each session just how much thought and extra work they’ve had to put in to do this online and make it so interactive. I’ve enjoyed each weekend, all the different things we’ve done and especially the practical work leading meditations. I would absolutely recommend this course. Annette and the team are fantastic. The course has given me a new career direction and I’m excited to move forward through my own spiritual journey.

Emma Rose Gisbon, Keighley, UK

I feel so much wisdom has been collectively gathered from the facilitators to teach the teacher training meditation course. I love the theme of the Celtic seasons, blended with the course format, making the learning very fluent, connected to nature and being very present in the moment. It has also been a journey of personal growth, and I believe being open to receive is encouraged through the course, to step inside our souls. I am truly grateful to have received a beautiful blessing to be able to serve others with the gift of meditation. Thank you to everyone. I am eternally grateful.

Yasmin Jones, Oldham, UK

I am a student and on the MTT course. The course is enlightening, challenging, open and clear. The teaching is exemplary. All facilitators bring a wealth of experience, a commitment to high quality practice and skills in delivering the sessions. I am learning much that is new and am linking my learning to my established practice and work experience. The balance of experiential learning and practice, academic enquiry and personal reflection is an ideal blend that builds confidence and expertise; hard skills. I would recommend this training to anyone who was prepared to work hard, was sincere in their intention and wanted to learn about meditation practice with a view to teaching.

Philippa Troutman, North Yorkshire

The Meditation Teacher Training Program is packed full of information, help and support for anyone interested in learning to teach these beneficial techniques. In the weekends completed so far, the subjects covered range from the core method used at the Dent Centre, to various other meditation techniques including Mindfulness, Sound Healing, the Celtic Tradition, Mantras and Relaxation. A strong emphasis is placed on the history and lineage of the traditional meditation techniques and also their place and value in a modern world. Students are encouraged to develop their own spiritual development and personal growth through team building sessions, personal reflection exercises and journaling. Great importance is emphasised on the correct use of language, terminology and the support required to become a successful teacher. Each session is clearly mapped out with handouts, email support and lesson plans. As we progress through the program there is ample opportunity to practice the techniques one to one, in small groups and to the whole group, leading to confidence in our developing abilities. Despite the course having to be delivered online, due to the Covid 19 situation, it has not affected our opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge needed to become facilitators and has also given us the chance to learn a new and growing teaching method.

Rod Kirk, Cumbria

And from previous years:

”This has been the best course I have been on for years, and that’s saying something! (I’m a serial course-attendee). The pace of the teaching was perfect, and both Annette and Julie were knowledgeable, supportive but also very humble and humorous. Every session was perfectly planned and executed, while maintaining space for discussion and an ‘opening out’ of the subject. The personal development sessions were beautiful and we really were encouraged to deepen our knowledge of ourselves. I feel ready to teach meditation in both Learn To Meditate sessions, as well as in on-going group sessions. With the breadth of experiences in different styles and types of meditation, I think this has sparked the beginning of a life-long and exciting exploration. And of course, the actual Dent Meditation Centre is a peaceful oasis in a frenetic world that I am hoping to be able to return to regularly.”

Jacquiline Payton, Yoga Teacher

‘I had been looking for a course like this for many years and so when this one appeared I jumped at the chance without out any previous knowledge or experience of Dent or Annette. I was not to be disappointed. The Dent Centre is beautiful, peaceful and puts you in the heart of nature. The course offers an understanding and experience of self-development, supported by a range of well-chosen literature. It introduces a number of meditation techniques with time to practice and discuss. Annette is knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive. The Celtic element brings in the link to nature and music. It is a beautiful course which fully prepares you for teaching the subject and I am thoroughly pleased to have completed it.

Suzanne Gibson-Foy, Rushden, Northamptonshire

“From the moment I stumbled across the advert for The Meditation Centre’s 2017 MeditationTeacher Training, I felt drawn to the programme and the Centre. I had struggled for years to build my daily meditation practice and knew I needed support to do it, so I signed up to the training – primarily for my own personal growth. From the very first weekend in the Centre, I felt as if I’d come home. Our teachers, Annette and Julie, were warm and compassionate, professional and experienced, wise and funny. My colleagues were open, warm and friendly, and the Centre was an amazing space of peace, silence and beauty. Over the course of our six months’ training, I discovered joy and fun in meditation, uncovered new clarity in my career direction, and learned to let my heart be open. And quite unexpectedly, I realised I loved teaching meditation, and wanted to lead courses and regular groups once I’d qualifed as a meditation teacher. I loved my time on the course, and was sorry to see it end. But in truth, it’s a beginning rather than an ending, and I now have a whole new community with whom to share the joy of my journey.”

Kathy Hick, Cockermouth

“It is hard to express in words what an amazing journey the teacher training course has been. Whilst the outcome is being equipped to share the wonderful teaching and help others on their own meditation journey, the real gain for me was personal growth, spiritual awareness and finding a wonderful community of people with whom to share the amazing wisdom that this course brings. Our guides on this journey, Annette and Julie are truly inspirational.”

Rachel Mann, Harrogate

“I thoroughly recommend the MTT course for anyone who wants to know more about this life enhancing practice, together with a deeper understanding of Eastern philosophy, our own rich Celtic traditions and themselves!   In gaining the techniques and ability to teach meditation, you will be invited to explore your perception of self, to focus on self-development, thereby increasing your self-awareness and self-confidence.   It is both personally rewarding and challenging and throughout, the learning environment is one which safely supports each individual on their spiritual discovery.   Students will come away with a “tool” which will not only benefit them throughout life but also enhance the lives of those they teach.”

Amanda Moulson, Swaledale

“A wonderful course with an extremely well planned series of weekends which were challenging, enjoyable and thought provoking.  The experience has certainly helped to widen my horizons.  Advice and support from knowledgeable and caring tutors was always available if needed.  My self-awareness and personal meditation practice now has a greater depth and understanding and I’m looking forward to passing on what I’ve learnt to my own students.  I so enjoyed every step of the journey and feel I’ve benefited greatly.”

Bev Raynor, Clitheroe

”The Meditation Centre Teacher Training course has given me an opportunity and the support to explore my own practice and understand what it means to me. Annette and Julie provide an open and safe environment to learn and discuss new ideas with fellow students and so develop your own ideas and understanding. At the same time, they provide established methods of teaching as a firm structure for a new Meditation Teacher, and practical advice on setting up and running your own practice. The course provides a wide range of ideas, training material and experiences to encourage and allow student to grow at their own pace. Annette and Julie openly share their own wealth of experience and knowledge, and are also supportive and sympathetic to students regardless of their backgrounds and experience.”

Darrin Charlesworth, Holmfirth


”I had been meditating on and off for several years and realised the benefit of regular meditation practice. However, I had begun to feel a bit stuck in my practice and felt the need to reinvigorate it with active input and direction. I wanted to grow personally and spiritually. The MTT at Dent has been perfect in helping me to do this. The beautiful and nurturing heart space created by teachers Annette and Julie are a gift to the soul. The course is superbly executed, progressively helping my understanding of what meditation is, ways of practicing it, and sharing it by teaching. Annette inspires self-confidence and Julie facilitates creative self-expression. The result of this exquisite combination is a deeper understanding of who I am, that will continue to unfold. The course has been a joy.”

Elaine Lewis, Lancaster

”When I knew that I was going to be attending the Meditation Teacher Training Retreat at Dent last year, I experienced a combination of nerves and excitement. What I didn’t realise was that it was going to be one of the most amazing few days of my life! I had previously undertaken teacher training at Dent but then was offered the opportunity to be guided through the new course work and reading material with Annette. So, at the time of the Retreat, I didn’t know any of the other teacher trainers. But these lovely people welcomed me with open arms and I had new friends. Annette worked with love, care and attention to every detail of her teaching and guidance. And what had seemed initially like a difficult task of rising every morning whilst it was still dark to welcome the new dawn, it was always a beautiful and special time. Every morning we would drive the short distance down into Dent just before the new day made its appearance. Annette would be there waiting to greet us and lead us into another new meditational and joyful experience. A loving, quiet energy was generated each time we met together and moved as one with silence, music, voice and dance in the candlelight, whilst the new day made its entrance. Each day we experienced new thought-provoking and interesting challenges, nurturing meditations and lots of gentle fun and laughter. A highlight for me was walking up Flintergill to the ‘Cathedral of Nature’ which was a ravine with trees overhanging the dry river bed. It was a magical and moving afternoon. Julie Darling joined us during the week and in her usual wise and gentle manner gifted us with thoughtful insights, ideas and harp music that always feels as though it touches ones very soul.  Returning to ‘real life’ was quite hard after five days of sharing this stillness, peace and love.  But I felt a more complete human with a greater capacity to open my heart.”

Julie Boswell, Cambridge

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