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Meditation Teacher Training

The Dent Meditation Centre Meditation Teacher Training Course enables students to understand – and be qualified to teach – a variety of meditation techniques which they can then take into their own communities and/or workplace to set up meditation groups. The course also enables current teachers of Yoga, Tai chi and other similar disciplines, to enhance their own skill-set. Offering considerable personal development opportunity, the teacher training takes almost 12. months to complete and is heavily focused on experiential learning and self-study both at home and on training weekends at the Centre or online. Our next course will begin in October 2023 in person at the Centre for the first of 5 training weekends. The programme concludes with graduation after a 5 day intensive Training Retreat which will be held in-person at the Centre in August 2024. The course gives students the opportunity to learn about different philosophies and meditation techniques which are embraced at the Centre – spanning both Eastern and Western traditions. Students completing the course are granted Meditation Centre Associate Teacher status.

Please note: We are now accepting applications for our 2023/24 programme.  If you would like more information please contact us directly via email – meditationcentreteam@gmail.com or telephone 07775920079

The following testimonials are from our 2021 graduates who completed their training weekends online due to Covid restrictions:

Deep and rich, simple yet profound …the quality of the meditation and the meditation teaching on this course is exceptional …despite being online I might add.
Met some lovely people, shared some great times…. Surprised at how the course unlocked creativity within me and us all, creating moving and amazing moments.
Would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting to expand within as well as learn to teach others.

Sarah Nolan, Leeds

‘My reservations about having to do my Meditation Teacher Training online went unfounded. Knowledgeable teachers and a well-structured course with each session clearly laid out made learning engaging and fun, allowing me to deepen my understanding of meditation. I feel that I have come away from the course with a full toolbox to take with me to share…the best course that I have been on!’

Kerry J Wright, Cumbria

I feel very privileged to have joined the meditation teacher training course through the meditation centre. Although this course was done online and not in-person I feel that I have gained knowledge with the professional and informative teaching through the remote learning experience. Throughout the course I feel I have grown in confidence and gained the necessary skills to share meditation with other people. I wanted to find a mediation course which would go alongside my Yoga teaching. I found the meditation centre course through Facebook and I am very pleased with the way the course was delivered. Thanks to all the facilitators and the way they made myself and other students feel safe, comfortable and enthusiastic about all aspects of the learning experience.

Phillipa Sumner, Thornton-Cleveleys

I looked at lots of Meditation Teacher Training Courses before I chose this one and I’m so grateful and honoured I did. What an experience it has been. Not only have I gained the knowledge and skills to teach meditation, I have also learnt so much about myself and deepened my own practice. All the facilitators are highly experienced, passionate, and so knowledgeable and ran the course with so much ease and flow bringing a wide variety of experience to the table. I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be on this course and would highly recommend it.

Kirsten Carr, Gateshead

A wonderful course taught and lead by inspirational, experienced, professional, caring, and compassionate teachers. I have enjoyed every aspect of this course, from various meditation techniques, Sound Healing and the Celtic seasons connected to nature. I have learnt so much and it has most definitely opened my heart. This has been an amazing journey of personal growth and reflection. Thank you so much.

Mandy Atkins, Northamptonshire 

Life takes you in different directions and pathways and I’m so glad I found this path. I have done meditation teacher training courses previously but none come near to what I received on this course. It has been such a journey and has transformed my understanding and practise of Meditation. This course gets you understanding lots of different methods, which bring you more in tune with yourself and natures cycles. It opens up areas of yourself you had closed or were not touch with using lots of various methods. I find this a great way to learn as you have truly walked the path to be able to help others on their journey of learning to meditate. You are gently encouraged along the course to explore various techniques of meditation so you have a deeper understanding to be able to offer as a facilitator. The team have a beautiful way of fully involving you on a transformational process through learning, sharing their experience and knowledge which is authentic and comes from the heart. My course was held online due to COVID I can only imagine the experience would be even more powerful unperson if this is what I got online! I feel truly blessed to have worked with each teacher and the group of trainees I was with and look forward to being a facilitator alongside of my Yoga teaching.

Janine Noblett, Chorley

And from previous years:

I looked at various meditation teacher training courses before finally choosing the one at Dent – and I’m so glad that I did. The course is varied and interesting and spans over six months which gives good time to absorb the teachings and philosophies that underpin the course. Its unique aspect is its freedom for creativity which I found hugely enjoyable and rewarding. I highly recommend the course for anyone who is looking to deepen their experience of meditation.

Jennifer O’Shea, North Yorkshire

The Meditation Teacher Training course has been an amazing, awaking of opening my heart to the true benefits of meditation. The standard of the delivery of training has been excellent. I have embraced the full training and learned so much. Thank you.

Valerie Cortese, West Yorkshire

I feel so much wisdom has been collectively gathered from the facilitators to teach the teacher training meditation course. I love the theme of the Celtic seasons, blended with the course format, making the learning very fluent, connected to nature and being very present in the moment. It has also been a journey of personal growth, and I believe being open to receive is encouraged through the course, to step inside our souls. I am truly grateful to have received a beautiful blessing to be able to serve others with the gift of meditation. Thank you to everyone. I am eternally grateful.

Yasmin Jones, Oldham, UK

“It is hard to express in words what an amazing journey the teacher training course has been. Whilst the outcome is being equipped to share the wonderful teaching and help others on their own meditation journey, the real gain for me was personal growth, spiritual awareness and finding a wonderful community of people with whom to share the amazing wisdom that this course brings.”

Rachel Mann, Harrogate

“I thoroughly recommend the MTT course for anyone who wants to know more about this life enhancing practice, together with a deeper understanding of Eastern philosophy, our own rich Celtic traditions and themselves!   In gaining the techniques and ability to teach meditation, you will be invited to explore your perception of self, to focus on self-development, thereby increasing your self-awareness and self-confidence.   It is both personally rewarding and challenging and throughout, the learning environment is one which safely supports each individual on their spiritual discovery.   Students will come away with a “tool” which will not only benefit them throughout life but also enhance the lives of those they teach.”

Amanda Moulson, Swaledale

“A wonderful course with an extremely well planned series of weekends which were challenging, enjoyable and thought provoking.  The experience has certainly helped to widen my horizons.  Advice and support from knowledgeable and caring tutors was always available if needed.  My self-awareness and personal meditation practice now has a greater depth and understanding and I’m looking forward to passing on what I’ve learnt to my own students.  I so enjoyed every step of the journey and feel I’ve benefitted greatly.”

Bev Raynor, Clitheroe

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