Maggie graduated from the 2018 Meditation Teacher Training Programme. She lives and works in Sedbergh. Maggie has been practicing meditation for many years and was excited to be offered the opportunity to learn to teach others the benefits of meditation. Maggie is a teacher, therapist and coach and has studied spiritual development and healing at Dr Brenda Davies’s International School of Spiritual Healing. Maggie says: ‘I believe we live in a relationship of interdependence with each other and with the Earth, our home. That each of us can find ways to live sustainable and fulfilling lives, valuing ourselves and one another and respecting the Earth. A continuous theme running through the work I do is my commitment to supporting people to awaken to their full potential; to find their own creativity and inner wisdom and to discover how these gifts can be used to benefit themselves and others.’ My own life so far, has been a journey of exploration and discovery both personally and professionally.’ As well as teaching meditation, Maggie now uses her skills and experience to offer well-being and spiritual development sessions to individuals and groups. To learn more about Maggie’s work please contact her.Tel: 07824831109