Diane lives in Garsdale on the border of Cumbria and North Yorkshire. She has a keen interest in the natural world and feels spiritually inspired and guided by it. Having been involved with The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers ) for many years, she came to know the deep spiritual connection and healing that being in silence can facilitate. This led to a natural interest in and desire to share the benefits of meditation practice with others and Diane graduated as a meditation teacher in 2019.  Having a background in creative arts, design and visual display and a keen interest in personal growth, Diane explores accessing creativity through meditation practice in her work and is a key facilitator for this on various courses at The Meditation Centre.

Diane enjoys making art, creative journalling and walking in nature with her two rescued Korean Jindo dogs. She is a qualified Reiki practitioner and has developed keen interest in walking the Earth path and Shamanic journeying. Diane’s mission is “To guide and inspire others to empower themselves”.

As well as teaching at the Centre, Diane also offers other Meditation and Reiki healing courses and sessions locally and online. For more info, you are welcome to visit her website here: https://www.facebook.com/whitedogreikihealing/