‘Spiritual Harp’

Julie has named her work ‘Spiritual Harp’ as a way of describing the power of intuitive Celtic harp music which is deeply attuned to nature, to support those who are seeking new ways of being, and to facilitate positive change. Her courses offer an experience of deep peace, held within the safe and gentle cradle of live harp music with the spoken word.

Julie’s work is based on the belief that spiritual harp music, played with sacred intent, can open our hearts, bring a deeper connection with the natural world and provide a doorway into the inner dimensions, our spiritual lives. Her intention is to open us to the light and wisdom that lies within our own hearts and souls, whether we have a chosen spiritual path or not.

Julie takes inspiration from nature and from the daily prayers and blessings of Scottish islanders whose lives mirrored those of her own crofter ancestors of the Shetland Isles. She creates sacred music and writings within the heart of nature, in the wild and holy places of our land.

The ‘Spiritual Harp’ Experience

A ‘Spiritual Harp’ day draws on the rich treasures of ancient legend and spiritual practice that are part of our native British heritage. Julie plays harp music which is attuned to the elements, the season of the moment, and to the needs of the group. Gentle harp music and words from Celtic spiritual practice, lead the group into a space of peace and meditation.

Qualifications and Clients

Julie Darling has developed this individual approach to her work during the course of nearly thirty years of working with people of all ages, and from all walks of life. She holds a diploma in Therapeutic Harp work from the International Harp Therapy Programme in USA; is an accredited Flower Essence Practitioner; fully qualified art teacher and working poet.

As well as being a member of the teaching team at the Meditation Centre, her previous clients include the National Trust, Bradford Education Department, Yorkshire Libraries, The World Community for Christian Meditation, Stump Cross Caverns, The Daphne du Maurier Literary Festival, and Grassington Arts Festival.

Find out more about Julie and her Spiritual Harp work at www.spiritualharp.com