Originally from London, I relocated to Yorkshire in 2001 having loved my time at Leeds University a long time before that. I studied History of the Fine and Decorative Arts but my career essentially has been in public relations and events. When children invaded my life, I decided to leave the 9-5 and retrained as a reflexologist so I could work my own hours. I take a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and have always practised yoga and believed in its transformative power. A few years ago, Annette Brooke, our director, introduced me to meditation and I trusted her to know what she was talking about because I used to work with her! I attended a course at the Meditation Centre and the beauty of Dentdale, the building and what I had learned left a deep impression on me. It also fitted very well with my yoga. It was later that Annette invited me to be a Trustee and I am now delighted to be an advocate for this wonderful Centre and all it offers. Twenty-first century life is so fast, pressured and complicated that we are often a long way from our natural human essence and the strength that comes from inner stillness. The Meditation Centre is definitely one way you can help yourself find that peace