“It is interesting to see how the flow of life evolves within us. I have just graduated as a meditation teacher, and at this point in my life, my understanding of this flow is that it urges us to explore new ways of being and seeing. It seems to me that our greatest difficulties are the forces that cultivate our growth and expansion, if we allow them to. Regarded from this perspective, life’s rhythm is akin to breathing ~ expansion on the inbreath, contraction on the outbreath. However natural a process, allowing change, even if wanted, can be extremely difficult, for in my experience we often stand in our own way. It can seem easier to resist the life force within us than to surrender to its life-giving flow. Meditation teacher training has lead me to the threshold of surrender to the life force within me;to let go and allow. On the cusp of an in-breath with all the growth and expansion that entails, I beginanew. As I breath out again into the world I am taking this forward. What that means for me as part-time Staff Nurse in the NHS, is to make meditation available to the people I have worked alongside for years, and to my local community; with whose help I move forward”