Jean qualified in 2017 as an associate teacher at the Centre and set up a business called Ageless Transcending Meditation. Jean has practiced meditation for over 19 years and was eager to enrol on the course to learn the techniques required to teach others how to manage their own emotional and physical health with regular practice of meditating. Her ‘day job’ is that of a Registered Manager of a 40-bed Residential Home. She also owns ‘Amelie’s Cottage Collection’ which is a small cottage business restoring bespoke antique furniture. She is a proud Mum to three sons and has two grandchildren and Ollie – a Lhaso Apso. Jean says: ”How do I manage all the above with ease and a clear mind…….meditation! We all at some points in our lives have to deal with emotional and physical difficulties, I find the only way to manage everything in life is with regular meditation.Meditation helps us keep things in perspective, we can be busy but this doesn’t mean we are stressed, there’s a huge difference!”