Bev graduated from the 2016 Meditation Teacher Training programme and now practices near her home in Clitheroe.  Bev is a complementary health practitioner, healer and meditation teacher with nearly thirty years experience in health care, with the NHS in this country, the New Zealand Mental Health Service and her own complementary health practice. She is member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Friends’ Fellowship of Healing. She successfully completed a City & Guilds teaching course for adults. Bev has studied tai chi, chi kung and yoga for nearly fifteen years and these disciplines have helped to deepen her own personal meditation practice offering alternative ways of bringing balance and wellbeing in to her life Her meditation background includes study with the Mindfulness Association and Rob Nairn and with the Meditation Centre. She works with the voluntary sector, including local hospice, Age UK and carers organisations offering therapies, healing and meditation and these are offered privately by arrangement.