Jules is a graduate of the 2016 Meditation Teacher Training programme.  She lives and works near Cambridge.  Jules came to the Meditation Centre six years ago and discovered something. She realised that meditation could be a bridge to finding her own inner peace and stillness. She decided to train as a teacher of meditation to learn how to share the techniques with others. Her enduring belief is that everyone should be allowed the opportunity to be happy and healthy.  Jules has been teaching primary school children for over thirty years and uses meditation as a tool to encourage calm and introduce stress-reducing techniques – even for children as young as four! She hopes to expand and integrate this into the school community – including the staff and parents. She has lead The Winter Solstice celebrations on two occasions at DMC and will be continuing the tradition in Cambridge. Jules is also a Massage Therapist. She combines meditation and massage to help and support her clients. For more information about her work, please visit her website: www.julesboswelltherapies.com