The Celtic Harp and Meditation

‘Empowered living through connecting with nature’s music’

Course Facilitator: Julie Darling
The Meditation Centre offers courses where live Celtic harp music and the spoken word come together to create a powerful experience of deep connection with nature. Sacred harp music can be the catalyst which brings the opportunity to recover the hidden wisdom that we hold within us.
The harp is uniquely placed to create ‘soul music’ which brings peace and opens hearts and minds. Ancient teachings from the Celtic world show us spiritual practices which help us develop our connection with nature, and thereby come to a better understanding of ourselves and our spiritual journey through life.

Ancient Heritage
In these courses, Julie Darling draws on the rich treasures of ancient legend and spiritual practice that are part of our native British heritage. She plays sacred harp music which is sensitively attuned to the natural world, and to the needs of the group with which she is working. The music opens the heart and provides a gateway through which we can pass into a deeper understanding of our own inner sacred landscape – our spiritual world.

Direct Experience
Using the experience of live harp music as our vehicle, we work with the symbolism of the elements and the changing seasons to go deep within, so that we may find what is reflected back to us about our own lives, and our own true nature. Working outdoors where possible, there are opportunities to connect directly with nature so that we can discover the hidden teachings that lie within.

Learn Spiritual Practice
Specific practices from the Celtic world help you develop your own insights through nurturing a deeper connection with the natural world, and see how they may be used to effect positive change in your own life. When we are more closely aligned with the wildness of nature that is our home, we become more attuned to our own true essence, and see how to live from that place.

Creative Spirituality – Living Life
Live harp music has the potential to open the heart in a direct and powerful way that can lead to an awakening of our own creative spirit. It is often the case that a long held wish to express ourselves creatively emerges to become a tangible and positive force in our lives. As well as music and art, there are many opportunities for creative work available to us each day. These courses include reference to the lives of our Celtic ancestors, who had much to teach us about how to live each moment of our daily lives as a creative, spiritual practice. We can use all the fundamental aspects of living in a modern world, such as being a parent, growing a garden, being creative in the way we earn our living and so on, to create an authentic way of living that is liberating and deeply empowering. Music can be our inspiration and our guide.

Special Event: Opening to Potential – Creative Meditations with Live Music
Celtic Harp and Classical Guitar 
A day to open to the creative potential within you, and see how to harness this power and originality in all areas of your life. This day is for anyone seeking to realise their creative potential in their approach to work, money, and relationships, as well as those excited by the unique inspirational possibilities of working creatively to live music, with poetry, artwork, music, song, movement etc. Embark on your own personal journey to the very source of inspiration and creative power inside you. Meditate to the powerful sounds of Celtic harp and classical guitar, and allow the vibrations of live music to open your heart and free the extraordinary creative energy at the core of your being.

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