Special Events – 2021

Embracing the Light – A day with Celtic Spirituality teacher Julie Darling

Course Facilitator: Julie Darling

There are many Celtic traditions, but they all share a common vision – that the natural world is the face of the divine.  This is a retreat day to deepen your spiritual journey through meditating with live sacred Celtic harp music, reflecting on how connection with nature can enrich our spiritual lives, and learning about the wisdom of the Celtic world. Weather permitting, we will spend time meditating with the harp outside in nature and reflect on how the natural world shows us our own divine aspect at work. There will be silent spaces in the day for walking, resting, journaling, drawing or writing. More information at www.spiritualharp.com

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Harvesting and Celebrating Natural Abundance – a day with Herbalist Bel Charlesworth

Course Facilitator:  Bel Charlesworth

Join herbalist and yoga teacher Bel Charlesworth in exploring how to harness the joy and energy of harvest-time, reaping the bountiful fruits of the year and preserving them for ourselves and others.  Expect a full day of herbal wisdom and loveliness combined with movement and meditation to restore and enliven your body and mind. The day will include a herb walk and outdoor meditation as well as a Medicinal Herb tutorial and herbal tea tastings plus morning and afternoon yoga sessions with meditation and guided relaxation.

10am-5pm. Cost £55 per person.

Bel is an experienced herbalist, nutrition and wellbeing practitioner as well as the Health and Wellbeing tutor at RHS Harlow Carr, Harrogate. Www.yorkshireherbalist.co.uk

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Embracing the Dark – a morning with Vedic Astrologer and Centre Director Annette Ainsworth

Course Facilitator:  Annette Ainsworth

All of us face challenges in life… dark times when we find ourselves struggling and lost.  Vedic astrology teaches us when those times are most likely to occur… and how we can help ourselves through them.  This special morning will explore how we can use such knowledge to weather life’s storms.  A personal horoscope will be offered to every participant.

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