Special Events – 2021

Tai Chi Qigong Workshop 27 June 10.00-17.30

This workshop is aimed at those who would enjoy taking a day out and do something to make the most of themselves. Tai Chi enables us to maximise our physical, emotional and mental well-being.  The workshop is an experience you won’t forget, and it is a training that will bring about lasting positive change. You will learn how using meditation through movement (a way of describing Tai Chi Qigong) brings about a greater sense of peace, emotional calm, and physical ‘lightness’, balance, coordination, freedom and mental clarity.  We are ‘natural’ beings, along with the trees and birds and all other things shares this planet with us.  We, too, are affected by the seasons as our bodies and minds relate to the amount of light, warmth, and rain in the same way that plants respond to light, warmth and water to provide us with food; birds fly thousands of miles every year and butterflies emerge from their chrysalis.

We will learn movements that relate to this season of summer as we celebrate the Summer Solstice.


Moving Beyond: a day of somatic movement and visual art with Dr Mel Brierley and Philippa Troutman. Saturday Oct 16 – 11am-5pm (£65)
All adults welcome
In our one-day workshop ‘Moving Beyond’, we invite you to come on a connective and supportive creative journey. In a safe space, and in response to the natural environment, you will experience the flow between guided somatic movement, meditation, 2-D and 3-D artwork, music, sound, and reflective writing. These practices of moving and making will instil a sense of ease, awareness, balance, and rest as self-care.
Held within the peaceful surroundings of the The Meditation Centre, this Autumn workshop will draw from the natural colours, forms, skies, and light of this time of year. Together, we will honour and incorporate the Autumn season. Emphasising your sensed and felt experience, Mel and Philippa will bring presence, awareness, compassion, care, and understanding to each person, the group, and our shared environment.
Mel and Philippa have enjoyed working together for over 10 years designing and delivering creative arts sessions in the community. In their most recent and exciting collaborative project ‘Moving Beyond’, they have explored the interplay between visual art, movement, and the natural environment in relation to their ageing process, with their practice underpinned by compassion and care. Through their lived experience and practice-based research, Philippa and Mel have both witnessed and felt the significant benefits of the arts to people’s health and wellness.
With her practice embedded in the arts in community health, Dr Mel Brierley works as an independent dance and health artist, researcher, teacher, trainer, and ISMETA registered somatic movement educator/therapist. Following a 25-year career in dance education and community arts, she has spent the last 10 years investigating how somatic movement practices support health and wellness in the whole person as a physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual being. Experienced in working with people of different age groups, abilities, and backgrounds, Dr Mel is a specialist in dance for Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions.
Philippa Troutman is an artist/printmaker and an experienced arts and health practitioner who has designed and delivered creative sessions with various groups in the community. Her work is powerfully influenced by the landscape in which she lives and the social history of the region. The limestone pavements, moorland, ancient ash woods and open skies of Ribblehead all inform her practice.